Photo taken by our employees at the allocations they work around the world.

Welcome is a development project, which started in April 2001 when a group of advisers decided to create an alternative leadership project.

The thoughts were that the project would simultaneously be used as an internal training platform, so that our own management advisors also had a training platform.

It turned out quickly that there was a great interest to learn much more, such as working with wood, metal (various kinds of metal), but also with fibre glass and carbon fibre.


The idea was quickly conceived as a platform where both management consultants and skilled workers like carpenters, joiners, welders could all learn and together they created something else.


It was not a project to be built finished in record time, but the goal was clear from the first day to build the world's fastest offshore powerboat.

A boat would be built on the latest technology and the latest ideas for boat building, so it also involved a number of today’s companies in the project.

As I said, it's not about building the boat in record time, we could certainly have done it in one year, but to learn something about the work that we could put in to progress, so the entire feedback process is one of the most important element.


Within change management and project management, advisers have been so much wiser.

This describes what it is actually like to motivate and inspire our colleagues and what the issues and experiences are when we experience changes or corrections which are difficult at work.


So everyday has a great value because it also gives us problems and situations to be resolved, and it is both from the consultant's angle, but also from the craftsman’s angle.

Many craftsmen have been associated with the project and we expect in the next year to let the project become a slightly different form on the search for new forms of sponsors.


It's always nice to think sometimes that you have helped to create a boat that we hope will make a global presentation, when the first maiden voyage will be to sail around the world as fast as possible.


Mikkel Foss & Christian Hoffeldt Chief Designer is

Kasper Lee Hartman.


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