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Q & A

Here you can find some answers to the most common questions we receive.

All trade with us is subject to our business and payment terms, and the guidelines that you can see here in the "Questions and Answers” section.


Can we cancel the task?



Once you have ordered and paid for the job, no. The individual analysis is customized according to the customer's individual personality which the customer provides when submitting his order. At the same time consent is given so 4selection can start planning, execution, and commissioning within the general right of withdrawal expirations, after which the right of withdrawal lapses. In other words, when the order is placed the order is seen as finally ordered.





Can we pay by invoice?



You could ask to pay by getting sent an invoice, however, the entire payment must be received in our account before we begin the process.

It is much easier with an online card payment.

In the case where an invoice needs to be sent, a manual invoicing/payment and bank account fee and interest will be added.





What background do your advisor have?



Our consultants are all psychologists, and have undergone certification in the use of analysis at the Center for Leadership, which has the license to do so.


Can your advisor get out to our business to give us the feedback?



If in the company buys 8 profiles or more, you can also purchase that option extra. Our advisor may be booked for the days it takes. One can typically reach up to 6 profile talks on a working day. However, it is often less flexible to do so. So, how does one book a advisor so they aren’t busy?





Can you buy an extra meeting with your counselor?



Yes; one can easily book / buy a Skype / phone time with our consultant. These sessions can be booked per hour.

Time Price: DKK 995, - + Danish tax.





What if one forgets his meeting with you on Skype / phone?



You can change your appointment by calling us, no later than 18 hours before. (after? … since you forgot?)


Our advisors prepare thoroughly for each call, and must do so again, so you have to order / buy a new time with us.

45 minutes costing DKK 747, -

60 minutes costing DKK 996, -





Do I need to go through Skype / conference?



It is part of our offer and we strongly recommend you review your profile with our advisor, but of course no one is forced to do so.


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